Welcome to Book Writing Course

Dear Soon To Be Author,

Welcome! Are you ready to write your book this year? After writing my own twelve books and helping scores of other people get theirs written, I’ve heard all the reasons from A to Z why people get stuck in writing their books — even if they know in their heart (but never experienced it) it’s the TOP WAY to get the three ‘MCs’ More Credibility, More Customers and More Cash!

Twelve book authorpreneur, book success coach and indie publisher Earma Brown shows aspiring non-fiction authors how to mine the gold called their education, experience & expertise to develop a core concept into a book that leads to a journey of new money streams, services, products and opportunities.

Earma created multiple book success programs to guide business professionals, speakers, coaches, ministers, aspiring authors and anyone serious about earning an expert status to write and publish their core message in a book they and their readers love.

Earma’s clients’ describe her as an expert gold miner. She guides you to pull out golden nuggets from your expertise, body of information and experience. You believe in yourself and your message more and have confident expectations for success.

Here Are the Three Biggest Mistakes Way Too Many People Make:
Mistakes That Stop You Short of Getting All The Publicity, Prospects & Profit You Deserve By Writing A Book Yourself:

13You believe you can’t write! But the truth is if you can write a friend, you can write a Book EASY with a pattern to follow – what I call a system.

13You get stuck at the gate. You never get started writing your very own original distinctive book. You stare at your computer screen wondering what you should write a book about! (How would it be if you could spend more time on your other business profiting ideas, even your non-profit ideas because you spend less and less time on book writing starting with this course and a step by step guide?)

13You give up waay too soon. You believe it takes too much time to write a book. That’s because most of your book writing time is spent in procrastination, frustration or staring at a blank computer screen. (What if you found out there is an easier way to jump-start writing YOUR book whether its your first time or fifth time?)

10 Good Reasons To Write A Book
3d man pushing a puzzle pieces into its placeIn fact, books are the QUICKEST and BEST way to:

  1. Ask and get 4x higher fees in your business.
  2. Leverage your expertise and experience.
  3. Build credibility twice as fast.
  4. Make a big difference in the lives of your readers.
  5. Become an instant expert in your field and in the eyes of the public.
  6. Build a fan base among your readers.
  7. Expand your reach to the world.
  8. Open the door to more opportunities.
  9. Create a big business card that works 10x times better.
  10. Create two subsidiary income streams right away.
  11. Why I Developed the Book Writing Course for YOU!

I’ve faced the same problems you face with writing a book. I’ve had writers block and sat staring at a blank computer screen too long waiting for an idea to hit me. I’ve dreaded trying to write a chapter because I kept getting stuck for inspiration. All the while, kicking myself mentally because I knew I should write a book and all the benefits awaiting me after I completed. I knew it was an easy way and more than that – the quickest way to market my business to greater exposure and greater profits.

On the other hand, I like you may have gotten started but life happens. A life event happens, like you change jobs, your family gets a new baby, you get married, you get a promotion…the manuscript goes in the drawer along with your dream of becoming an author. Instead of sticking with it, starting back when you can, you lose focus and bury your dreams in a drawer along with the hope of ever getting it done.

So after many years of starting and stopping and finally writing my own books, I began to see what it took to write a successful book fast. I began to write my books faster and faster. I discovered the faster I could get my book out working for me to bring more business and profits the better.

Now it takes me approximately six weeks or less for my short books and about 100 days for my longer length manuscripts. I’ve decided to take those years of finding out what it takes to write a quality book fast and develop a system to help solve the problems you face that stop your plans of getting more publicity and profits. You don’t have to take years to lock into a system of book writing that bring you prospects and profits faster than autos racing around the Indy 500 tracks.