Tips for a Successful Biking Tour

So you’re a newcomer in biking, and you’re going to your first bicycling tour. You’re nervous, and it’s normal. It would be a lot more surprising if you weren’t. Of course, confidence comes with experience, but before your big day, here are some tips for successful cycle touring.


#1: Believe In Yourself


Sometimes, all we need to do is inspire ourselves that we can do it. It applies not only to bicycle touring but in life. Having confidence in yourself is one thing that leads you to the interest in travelling by bike in the first place. So transition that confidence to when you’re actually in the moment and don’t forget to have a great time.


#2: Travel Light


This tip can’t be stressed enough. A common rookie mistake is getting too excited that you tend to bring in a lot of unnecessary things. Biking is all about travelling light. The lighter your load, the more you enjoy your time biking. You don’t need an extra pair of shoes, nor will you need two bottles of water. Always remember the lighter, the better.


#3: Train before You Travel


Again, another mistake made by starters is getting too excited that they fail to do the fundamentals, like training and conditioning your body before the cycling tour. This one is considered as one of the golden tips for successful cycle touring. If you want to last longer, you need to make the necessary conditioning. Increase your fitness, practice biking on different types of surfaces, and most importantly, practice on your balance. The last one might be a no-brainer, but most starters often overlook it. So don’t be that guy. Be the one who’s thoroughly prepared.


#4: Get a Proper Set Up For Your Bike


If your body needs conditioning, so does your bike. So before your big bicycle tour, check if your bike is in the best condition for the long ride. You can head to your local bike shop and have them do a ‘bike fit’ to check for everything – from the height of your seat to the length of your stem. Making sure of these small details will make a huge difference in you being able to ride with your whole body, so always check your bike and make sure it’s in great shape.



#5: Make use of All the Gears


Last but not the least is making use of every gear that you have on your bike. Keep in mind that your bike has multiple speeds, with each one serving a specific purpose. Use the lighter gear when you’re going up, and the normalone when you’re on the road. These help you get through road obstacles. That’s why they’re there. So make use of them, and don’t act like a hero. It’s better to play safe than to be sorry.


Bicycle touring is best done when you’re well-prepared. With these five tips, you’re already way ahead of your pack. Take advantage of each one and always remember to make the necessary preparations and adjustments. Have fun!