The Popularity of Artificial Turf

If you drive around the streets of Brisbane, you will realise that many homes and commercial buildings have beautiful lawns all through the year. If you take a closer look in your neighbourhood, you will note that there is that neighbour who has a beautiful garden but you never see him/her watering the lawn. Well, probably all those beautiful lawns you have seen around are not real. The popularity of synthetic grass Brisbane has grown exponentially, and today many people prefer fake turf to natural grass.

Some years back during the invention of artificial turf, not many people appreciated the discovery as the grass looked unreal. Also, the fact that the grass was very expensive attracted less attention. However, with technological developments, the modern artificial turf is so real that you wouldn’t differential it from the real grass. The grass is softer, green, no allergies whatsoever and is very affordable. All these features have attracted many home and business owners and that is why you will find fake lawns all over SA. Availability of the turf is another excellent reason why many people are going fake. Besides availability, improvements, and affordability, what other reasons makes one want to go artificial?

The main reason why people go artificial is the savings involved. With artificial lawn, you save lots of money. Although installing a fake grass is not as affordable as installing a natural one, once the synthetic turf is in place, there are many cost-saving benefits. For example, since the grass is plastic, you will never have to mow. Professional mowing comes with monthly bills and so by going artificial; you will reduce your monthly bills substantially. The same goes when it comes to irrigation. Since you need not water your fake turf, it means a reduction in monthly bills. Application of pesticides, as well as reseeding and weeding are also things of the past which will save you money.

Another great reason behind the popularity of fake grass is environmental friendliness. Synthetic grass Brisbane is environment-friendly. As mentioned above, you no longer have to water your lawn, apply pesticides, fertilisers, and mow, and so on, all of which contributes to environmental pollution. For example, by irrigating, you are exhausting the natural resources. When trimming the grass, most people use the gas mower which emits toxic gasses into the environment. Application of pesticides and fertilising also pollute the soil and water and the only way to avoid all these is to go artificial. Therefore, by installing synthetic turf, you protect the environment which is a noble thing to do. Last but not least, many people opt to go acritical because the fake grass is safe for both human use and also pets which makes it ideal for any lawn.